somshekar kadam wrote:
> Hi All, 
> After a good study with help of mailing list, we fix
> on porting Xenomai to our ustom board running with
> Mips4k .

Nice to hear. :)

> what I understand is we have Adeos with Xenomai, and
> realtime capability of Xenomai. 


> our ultimate goal is realtime. To Begin with port of
> Xenomai I would like to know , in case is there a
> porting doc or some pointer which help to understand
> Xenomai better and quick, to go ahead.
> Please comment on this. 

Your first step still remains the fairly independent port of Adeos/Ipipe
over MIPS. Philippe already pointed out the available resources. Start
over a recent vanilla kernel (or do you need special patches for your
targets?), make Linux boot with Ipipe enabled, then stress the event
pipeline with a simple Ipipe test module.

Once this works you can proceed to Xenomai, porting over what's under
ksrc/arch/<arch> and include/asm-<arch>. Not all internal functions may
be documented. Try to grab their meaning from other archs and/or their
usage - or ask on this list.

Another hint: post your patches early even if they do not work yet. We
may have a look and comment on style and functionality. This will make
it easier to finally merge them (which should be your goal to ease
long-term maintenance). And it may attract early adopters that can
provide further feedback and test results.


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