somshekar kadam wrote:
 > HI Jan,
 > I am runnng the testsuite given by RTAI and Xenomai,
 > I need to this figures to compare on performance for
 > the doc to port XENOMAI on MIPS.
 > I see RTAI gives results in nanoseconds and XENOMAI in
 > microsecond, so i should say latency with Xenomai is
 > 3000 micrsecond where as RTAI its 3000 Nanosecond ,
 > correct me if I am wrong. 
 > I have attached both testsuite reults 

As indicated by the overruns count, you have a hardware problem, most
likely an issue with SMIs, or power management. Please
read the TROUBLESHOOTING file.


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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