Bernhard Walle wrote:
> Hello,
> ,----
> | int rtdm_task_sleep (uint64_t delay);
> | int rtdm_task_sleep_until (uint64_t wakeup_time);
> `----
> wouldn't it make sense to return 0 on success and in error case the
> number of nanoseconds that are remaining to the originally requested
> sleep period just as the Linux sleeping function behave?

Do you have a use-case for this? Would you consider this as the normal

Also note that changing the return type would take away to possibility
to pass the error code.

> Of course that would introduce an incompatibility to current code.

Given a reasonably urging use-case or brokenness of the original
interface, API revisions may actually take place in RTDM (see the
history). But they will surely not happen without thorough
considerations of pros and cons. :)


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