On 06/09/06, Jan Kiszka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
See attached patch: XENO_OPT_SHIRQ would just be a menu-enabler without
any affect outside kconfig. You could enabled it and leave the rest off
(makes no sense of course) - as long as there are no edge-triggered
users around.


-menu "Shared interrupts"
+menuconfig XENO_OPT_SHIRQ
+       bool "Shared interrupts"

        bool "Level-triggered interrupts"
-       default n
+       depends on XENO_OPT_SHIRQ
+       default y
        Enables support for shared level-triggered interrupts, so that
        multiple real-time interrupt handlers are allowed to control
        dedicated hardware devices which are configured to share
@@ -369,7 +371,8 @@ config XENO_OPT_SHIRQ_LEVEL

        bool "Edge-triggered interrupts"
-       default n
+       depends on XENO_OPT_SHIRQ
+       default y

So a user may end up with XENO_OPT_SHIRQ being enabled while both LEVEL and EDGE are disabled? Maybe it's worth to make LEVEL "y" by default as it's likely to be a required option?


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