IMO the documentation of tdm_event_timedwait is a bit unclear. There
are two timeout values: the timeout and the timeout sequence. After
reading the source code the behaviour is clear but from documentation
I would have expected following behaviour:

   - the sequence timeout is the sum of the timeouts over all calls
     (which is in case)

   - the timeout in the parameter is the maximum timeout of this call
     (which is not in case)

If I didn't get the source code totally wrong

        if (timeout < 0) {
            err = -EWOULDBLOCK;
            goto unlock_out;

        if (timeout_seq && (timeout > 0)) {
            /* timeout sequence */
            timeout = *timeout_seq - xnpod_get_time();
            if (unlikely(timeout <= 0)) {
                err = -ETIMEDOUT;
                goto unlock_out;
            xnsynch_sleep_on(&event->synch_base, timeout);
        } else {
            /* infinite or relative timeout */
            xnsynch_sleep_on(&event->synch_base, xnpod_ns2ticks(timeout));

the timeout value is only interesting if RTDM_TIMEOUT_NONE or
RTDM_TIMEOUT_INFINITE otherwise it's not relevant because it's
overwritten by the value of the timeout sequence. That should be
expressed in the documentation.


 * @param[in] timeout Relative timeout, see
 * @ref RTDM_TIMEOUT_xxx for special values (any positive value
 * means the timeout specified in the timeout sequence)

or something like that.


PS: As there are more and more RTDM-related questions (not only from
me :)) -- what do you think about a mailing list for real-time drivers
only? Which means a common list for RTAI and Xenomai. 

Because I'm using both systems for evaluation I'm always a bit unsure
to which list I should write (well, if it's not RTAI specified I wrote
to the Xenomai list because I know you're working on Xenomai and the
RTAI implementation is from Paolo Mantegazza ;)).
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