On 12/09/06, Philippe Gerum <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Tue, 2006-09-12 at 15:24 +0200, Nils Kemper wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to use Xenomai, but I get (sometimes, but everytime the same)
> kernel-Oops just by running xeno-test:
> [..]
> Xenomai: stopping native API services.
> I-pipe: Domain Xenomai unregistered.
> Xenomai: hal/x86 stopped.
> Xenomai: real-time nucleus unloaded.

Does the issue still pop up if you set the Xenomai nucleus as static
(i.e. not as a module) in the kernel configuration?

Just a weird presupposition.

In __ipipe_dispatch_event()


  start_domain = this_domain = ipipe_percpu_domain[cpuid];

  list_for_each_safe(pos,npos,&__ipipe_pipeline) {

                next_domain = list_entry(pos,struct ipipe_domain,p_link);

                if (next_domain->evhand[event] != NULL) {
                        ipipe_percpu_domain[cpuid] = next_domain;
                        propagate = !next_domain->evhand[event](event,start_domain,data);
Does anything prevent another thread from preempting the current one at (1) and making "next_domain" invalid?

then :

if next_domain == "rthal_domain" (aka Xenomai)  -  e.g. someone unloaded all the modules.

then if it's static :

rthal_domain is still kind of a valid object - it's at least in a valid memory region + evhand points to a valid function. It's even possible to jump to the next element if the rthal_domain::fields were not cleared...

non-static :

the module image was unloaded, next_domain doesn't point to anything reasonable.

Jan or Nils, what instructions does "objdump -d kernel/ipipe/core.o" show for a given offset in the __ipipe_dispatch_event(). 

0xcd in case of Nils.

[<c013f158>] __ipipe_dispatch_event+0xcd/0xeb


Best regards,
Dmitry Adamushko

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