Here is the third maintenance release for the v2.2.x branch.  Short
log follows:


        * Use per-task event filter implemented by recent Adeos
        patches, to reduce the overhead induced by event pipelining.

        * Support partial buffer reading from the message pipe device

        * Fix spurious wakeup triggered by the periodic handler for
        threads blocked on a resource.

        * x86: Make sure to always restore the FPU context of the root
        thread consistently with the TS bit state.


        * Toggle IRQ_DISABLED appropriately when enabling/disabling an
        interrupt channel.


        * Make pthread_join() usable from module init/cleanup routines.


        * Optimize data streaming mode.


        * Improve compliance of rtf_get().

        * Fix memory leak in rtf_destroy().

See the ChangeLog for details.


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