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> Date   : Mon, 18 Sep 2006 11:30:45 +0200
> Objet  : rare brokenness in latency output - FPU bug!
>> Gilles, what info do you need? It's all the latest on x86 here:
>> (.config attached), ipipe-1.4, SVN #1646, gcc4.1.0.
> It would be interesting if you could:
> - try reverting the last FPU changes

Meanwhile identified: 1595 for trunk, likely 1597 for 2.2.x (so 2.2.3 is
affected as well).

> - try to narrow down the issue by reducing the number of
> threads created
> by switchtest (for example, try keeping only the threads whose
> switch
> fails)

I tried both with "rtup0 rtup0 rtup_ufpp0 rtup_ufpp0" and only "rtup0
rtup_ufpp0", but that seems to work fine.

> - try dumping the FPU context before the first fp_regs_set,
> chances are that the FPU context is already clobbered before
> the first fp_regs_set; 

I guess in rtup() in the switchtest driver, right? Will try.

> when the FPU context is already clobbered, running fp_regs_set
> set the
> value of the already set registers to qnan, and fp_regs_check
> returns
> INT_MAX when the register is set to qnan. I will send tomorrow
> the 
> header I use for converting FPU contexts into human readable form.


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