Jan Kiszka wrote:
Welcome to the club!

Everyone's busy behind the curtain to analyse what's going on here. So
far we thought it's a post 2.2.2 regresssion (SVN rev 1595 for trunk,
1597 for 2.2.x), but the issue may be more tricky.

Do you get the switchtest failure also with plain 2.2.2?

What processor do you use? I was only able to trigger my problems on
Pentium MMX and older or an Athlon 800 here. A Pentium III worked fine.


I don't have a plain xenomai-2.2.2 kernel handy, but I do have a patched 
version.  I do not have any problems with switchtest for xenomai-2.2.2 with the 
following patches:


These patches are to nucleus pipe.c and pipe.h / rtai fifo.c and fifo.h.

I am running an Athlon64 X2 in with 32-bit Fedora Core 5.


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