Niklaus Giger wrote:

I studied a little bit my buildbot reports on a PPC405 (without FPU) regarding the FPU problem. Grepping through the saved reports on the server enabled me to pinpoint the changes quickly. I found the following situation:

Last good check with the quick build was build 58 1604

First bad check with the quick build was build 59 with revision 1605

But the full build 13 with revision 1604 already had the failure!
The full build 12 had revision 1599 and was good.

May be this helps to pinpoint the FPU problem a bit.

Question: Is reporting 1 != 2 always the expected output of the FPU check?

A bad check looks like:
== Testing FPU cXenomai: suspending kernel thread c1ba8ea0 ('rtk5/0') at 0xc30303ec after exception #1792
heck routines...
r0: 1 != 2
r31: 1 != 2
== FPU check routines: OK.
== Threads: sleeper_ufps-0 rtk-1 rtk-2 rtk_fp-3 rtk_fp-4 rtk_fp_ufpp-5 rtk_fp_ufpp-6 rtup-7 rtup-8 rtup_ufpp-9 rtup_ufpp-10 rtus-11 rtus-12 rtus_ufps-13 rtus_ufps-14 rtuo-15 rtuo-16 rtuo_ufpp-17 rtuo_ufpp-18 rtuo_ufps-19 rtuo_ufps-20 rtuo_ufpp_ufps-21 rtuo_ufpp_ufps-22
RTT|  00:01:59
RTH|ctx switches|-------total
RTD|           5|           5

Unfortunately I still do not have a x86-box at home where I could run buildbot including xeno-test.

On a system without FPU you have to run this test with the option "-n". Gilles fixed a bug around that recently. You need commit 1603, at least. (look for the thread "switchtest on systems without FPU").


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