Philippe Gerum wrote:
On Sun, 2006-09-24 at 22:55 +0200, Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
Hi Philippe,

attached you will find a first version of the PPC ADEOS-IPipe patch for Linux 2.6.18 (from for review. I have also included a commented log file with more information on the porting of adeos-ipipe-2.6.14-ppc-1.4-00 to Linux 2.6.18. It works with a recent version of Xenomai.

Thanks, at first sight, this looks good. I don't see any obvious problem
in the tracer code either. Anyway, I will play with it asap.

OK, I wanted to have it under SVN control asap (the IPIPE version increased twice during the last weeks).

The patch currently only supports dev
ices in the "arch/ppc" tree with
the option "CONFIG_PPC_MERGE" not set. Porting the "arch/powerpc" tree requires further effort and I need a test system as well. Puh, let's hope that the merge ppc -> powerpc will be completed soon.

The idle loop is not yet working for 6xx and I have disabled it for
this reason (check arch/powerpc/kernel/idle.c). It needs further
debugging. I hope to find more time beginning of October.

Ok, thanks. Btw, returning from NAP on 6xx is done through an exception,
right? If so, maybe we have a problem with this particular
exception/interrupt branching directly to transfer_to_handler_full (i.e.
the vanilla way) without being known from the Adeos pipeline, albeit it
should? (red blinking warning: this is just a wild guess).

It actually does a doze. Napping can be switched on via procfs. So far, I understood that the decrementer exception will wakeup the CPU but I'm going to check the code and doc more carefully. An it did work with 2.6.14.

I have tested the patch on some AMCC 4xx system, on a MPC 8560 (85xx) and MPC 834x (6xx). I have also not yet tested the IPIPE tracer.

I'll give it a try too on a mpc52xx. Thanks again.

Unfortunately, the port for this CPU is broken, again ;-(. At least I did not get my Icecube-Board up and running.



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