Jan Kiszka wrote:
> This patch migrates the xnintr hits statistics to the new xnstat
> subsystem and introduces per-CPU runtime statistics to xnintr entities.
> The latter allows to differentiate between ISR and thread activity under
> /proc/xenomai/stat.
> For querying the xnintr statistics, a scalable service based on IRQ list
> revisions is introduced (xnintr_query), just like it already exists for
> threads.
> Accounting model:
>  - hits are only counted if the ISR returns XN_ISR_HANDLED
>  - runtime is accounted over each ISR invocation, independent of its
>    return value
> As a hopefully not critical side effect, the native intr services now
> only reports non-zero hit counters if XENO_OPT_STATS in enabled. This
> fact is documented in the rt_intr_info structure.

This patch causes an oops on process cleanup here - I'm still
investigating (likely an outdated xnstat_runtime reference)...


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