Jan Kiszka wrote:
Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:

when I start the RT-Socket-CAN program rtcan_rtt.c, I get the attached
error message. Any idea where the problem could be? It was working with
Xenomai under Linux 2.4.25.




bash-3.00# rtcan_rtt rtcan0 rtcan1
BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context at 
in_atomic():0, irqs_disabled():1

Leaking lock somewhere? Some suggestions:

- Does it also happen with rtcan_virt?


- If no: switch on XENO_OPT_DEBUG and then XENO_OPT_DEBUG_RTDM (may
  catch leaking locks of the CAN driver)

Does not give an additional information for the "if yes" case.

- If yes: what arch are you on? PPC? On x86/2.6 I do not have problems
  with your demo over rtcan_virt.

It's on PowerPC (MPC5200) under Linux 2.6. I have not realized a similar problem with 2.4 on the same board. And it seems to be related with pthread_setschedparam(). And is nothing to do with RTCAN as the cyclictest() prints the same error message. There is obviously a problem with __xn_put_user -> __put_user -> put_user_nocheck:

#define __put_user_nocheck(x, ptr, size)                        \
({                                                              \
        long __pu_err;                                          \
        __typeof__(*(ptr)) __user *__pu_addr = (ptr);           \
        if (!is_kernel_addr((unsigned long)__pu_addr))          \
                might_sleep();                                  \
        __chk_user_ptr(ptr);                                    \
        __put_user_size((x), __pu_addr, (size), __pu_err);      \
        __pu_err;                                               \

The "might_sleep" seems to make trouble, which showed up in recent versions of Linux on the PowerPC arch :-(.



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