Sebastian Smolorz wrote:

here comes version 2 of the I-pipe patch for the S3C24xx ARM. The reported problem is solved, the timer works as expected as far as I can see. Linux is still there after insmod'ding the native skin. More test results will follow next week after I tortured the new patch with the whole testsuite arsenal. ;-)

The patch has got two suboptimal characteristics due to the generic ARM I-pipe implementation which I did not want to change during the first steps:

1. Regarding the demux of chained IRQs (See [1]). As the S3C24xx has more than one chained IRQ there are two consecutive queries for them in __ipipe_mach_irq_mux_p() and __ipipe_mach_demux_irq(). This could be optimized.

You should use switch/case instead of if else if else if, the generated
code would be better optimized.

                                                 Gilles Chanteperdrix

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