Marco Cavallini wrote:
> Hello,
> I wonder if does exist any Modbus TCP or Modbus UDP project for real
> time (Xenomai or RTAI)

I'm not aware of specific real-time Modbus implementations, I only heard
of some Modbus library for Linux (libmodbus), and then there is also a
Java version (

If you want to use TCP, it will be as simple as switching to secondary
mode in your Xenomai application and communicate over the Linux TCP/IP
stack - it's non-RT anyway then. But when using UDP, libmodbus should
(in theory) be applicable in combination with RTnet over the POSIX skin
in primary mode (hard RT). You should just audit the time critical paths
of libmodbus for RT-safeness. Please share your findings, they might be
of common interest!


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