Dirk Eibach wrote:
> Hello,
> I have spent some time designing a RTDM I2C driver based on the linux
> i2c driver. It's stripped down in some aspects but porting existing
> clients and adapters should be fairly easy.
> For this draft I have ported the IBM PPC4xx driver, because that is what
> I have here for testing.
> It's my first RTDM project, so I hope I haven't messed things up too much.
> Any comments welcome!

Great! I almost forgot this topic as it was quiet after my reply, but
now we even have code to discuss.

Before I start looking into implementation details, it would be nice if
you could sketch the basic idea of your API proposal and the typical use
cases. Code is more explicit, I know, but it's also a bit more tricky to
grab an overview from it. Do you also have some simple demo to show how
one should use your interface?

What I grabbed so far:
 - for each I2C interface, a RTDM device is registered
 - rti2c-api.h is ought to become the RTDM I2C device profile
 - we have read/write and a bunch of IOCTLs as API

What I didn't grabbed:
 - is transfer synchronous or asynchronous?
 - can applications access an adapter concurrently?
 - what are the major differences to the Linux model?

I'm looking forward to see some nice generic RTI2C in Xenomai soon(er or


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