Here is the second candidate release for the v2.3.x branch.
Short log follows:


        * ppc, arm: Make sure to return the last "current" value from
        Xenomai context switch routines.

        * x86: Handle issues raised by hidden uses of the FPU from
        regular Linux drivers.


        * Account for all extents when reporting the total heap size.

        * Serialize export/unexport requests properly in case of
        varying source domains.

        * Fix interrupt shield support.

        * Fix random softlockup on SMP due to a missing rescheduling
        call after a task exit event has been processed.


        * Add help strings extraction tool to provide on-line
        documentation of 2.4 kernel options.

        * Switch to FDPIC library format for Blackfin instead of FLAT.


        * rtcan: sja1000 fixes.


        * Fix init code regarding workspace allocation.

        * Fix exec mode bits for sc_tsuspend() and sc_tresume().

        * Use delayed memory release service to free TCBs.


        * Set auto-delete flag for user-space tasks.


        * Preliminary user-space support merged.


See the ChangeLog for details.


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