Benjamin Zores wrote:

I've downloaded latest Adeos/Ipipe patch for PPC and unfortunately this
latest doesn't (yet) support the ARCH=powerpc architecture from kernel
but only the PPC one.

Yes, the PowerPC tree is not yet supported.

I've tried porting the changes to support the PPC_MERGE and be able to
still use Xenomai on 2.6.18 with ARCH=powerpc.


Attached is a patch that has to be applied after regular adeos-2.6.18-ppc
patch to extends supports for PowerPC.
Please consider it for review only right now as it might not yet compiles to the
end (i'm facing problems with includes inter-race which required me to change
the radix-tree.h header file which is something i don't want to).

You might have realized my hack to get ride of radix-tree.h for the ppc tree.

I also have problems booting my latest kernel with this patch on
(but booting regular 2.6.18 in merged PowerPC architecture already is a hassle 
and I'd like you to help me know whether it cames from my patch's content or 

What defconfig do you use? Unfortunately I do not have a board by hand supported by the PowerPC tree.

FYI, I've tried to port all Adeos architecture dependant parts but i only 
on PPC32 (PPC64 support might be in but i won't test on it). I'm also trying to 
boot an MPC8349 chip but i don't think I'll have to address anything with it as 
it used to work with Xenomai on 2.6.14.

Thanks for the review,

I will have a look a.s.s.p.


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