M. Koehrer wrote:
> Hi Jan,
> thanks for the patch!
> This looks fine to me. This allows me easily to set the affinity of the 
> xenomai tasks.
> As far as I understood, I have to specify XNPOD_ALL_CPUS as parameter
> at rt_task_create() to use this feature.

...or an empty mask, both works.

> What about the rtnet internal (kernel) task (created via RTDM)? 
> Will it use this affinity as well or do I have to "force" rtnet somehow to 
> use the
> "global" xenomai affinity?

Yes, it affects any Xenomai thread that doesn't specify an explicit
mask. And it forces all IRQs that are newly attached to the specified
affinity. You should be able to watch this under
/proc/irq/<n>/smp_affinity. That avoids e.g. that the NIC IRQ pops up on
CPU 0 but has to wake up the stack manager on CPU 1.


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