Dirk Eibach wrote:

I did some redesigning on my first draft.
- Now we have some kind of profile in include/rti2c.h.
- I got rid of some chunks of code that were not really needed.
- Linux kernel dependencies have been removed (I hope I catched all of

Will have a look at the code later.

Did you already consider to integrate it in a local Xenomai tree and
post patches against SVN head (=> /drivers/i2c, /include/rtdm)? Would
make it easier to test compilation and doc generation. What is the empty
algo folder supposed to contain one day?

I have already thought about integrating it in my local Xenomia tree, but for my first steps I took the easy way. Probably time has come to change this now. The algo folder should be used for the implementation of common algorithms i.e. bit-banging or the PCF8584. Those algorithms are used for specific implementations that are placed in the busses folder.

What would also be nice is a simple demo application. We still have no
policy were to put such stuff. Maybe we'll take the chance and create an
examples folder in SVN and/or put code/description into the wiki.

I have a simple demo application ready. Just telle me where to put it.


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