Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Marc Brown wrote:
>>It seems that there are still structure alignment problems in RTDM (while 
>>running xenotest), as already 
>>talked about with Philippe. Compiled with a GCC 4.0.3-2 (on x86), here is the 
>>problem (output trace and xenomai /proc are provided herewith):
> I rather suspect that you built all testing devices into the kernel or
> loaded xeno_switchtest before xeno_timerbench so that the latency test
> happens to open the switchtest device. Try "-D1" with latency, or check
> /proc/xenomai/rtdm/rttestX/information for the actual mapping.
> [We need to resolve this more gracefully...]

A way to solve this may be to use the same method as switchtest: open
all rttest devices in turn until the first ioctl succeeds.

                                                 Gilles Chanteperdrix

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