Here come some patches that add the following functions to the pSOS direct 
syscall interface:  tm_wkafter,  tm_cancel, tm_evafter, tm_get, tm_set
Please note:
- The registry entries are not exported. Those timers only exist a short 
period of time in contrast to queues, tasks, etc. I don't see why anyone 
want to see that under /proc.
- I had to manipulate the xnpod_primary_p check at the beginning of 
tm_ev_after otherwise I got a permission error. I'm absolutely not sure 
whether xnpod_unblockable_p is the right thing to do here. It just works 
for the moment. Please check.
- I'm not sure about the attributes for the calls in __systab. Please 
- I'm still looking for a suitable place for k_fatal in user space. 
Instead of creating a new file I suggest to put it in init.c and implement 
it as exit(1) for the moment until it's been decided about the mapping to 
the kernel call.


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