Here is the third candidate release for the v2.3.x branch. This is
intended to be last release candidate before final, so make sure to
have a look to the platform/architecture/feature you are interested

Short log follows:


        * Decouple lock debugging from runtime stats activation.

        * Enhance granularity of debug options. Generalize the use of
        debug assertions.

        * Add memory barriers to shared IRQ support code manipulating
        reference counts.

        * Reinstate i/o permissions when transitioning from secondary
        to primary mode (x86).

        * Prevent non-mapped threads for running xnshadow_unmap.

        [vxworks, vrtx, rtai] Add missing checks for the XNBREAK

        [vxworks] Fix arg passing at (user-space) task creation.

        [vrtx] Free heap control block memory when released.

        [psos] Implement direct syscall interface.


        * Fix random fault in user-space at thread creation.

        * Fix return value of sem_timed_wait.

        * Generalize the use of debug assertions.


        * Add rt_mutex_lock/rt_mutex_unlock wrappers.

        * Make rt_queue_inquire return the amount of pool memory used.


        * core: Various updates. Add TX loopback support to local
        sockets. Add empty filter support through setsockopt.

        * sja1000: Add support for IXXAT PCI cards.

        [rtdm] Minor updates.


See the ChangeLog for details.


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