Benjamin Zores wrote:
On Mon, 18 Dec 2006 14:06:15 +0100
Wolfgang Grandegger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I don't understand your questions. These patches are for the PPC tree. The POWERPC is still not supported. Do you already have a working port for the PowerPC tree 2.6.18?

I send one a month ago but which wasn't 100% complete.
Now, here's an updated one for both ppc and powerpc arch.
It based on your patch + the equivalent functions ported to merged powerpc 
This time it should compile fine but i haven't tested if ppc arch still works
(i can't do so).

I just remove the xenomai parts from your patch (which obviously had nothing to 
in adeos patch itself).

With ipipe enabled on my card, the kernels boots up
but still hangs due to IRQ problems has it used to do in 2.6.18.
It seems to hang at SATA driver load (does the same for USB/I2C and so on after 
 but if I had printk() in each function from ipipe-root.c it goes in an endless
loop of:


and seems to never go further :-(

Well, in the meantime I started the porting of IPIPE v1.6 over the PowerPC tree on my Icecube-MPC5200 board ... and it seems to hang at the same location :-(.

Do you have an idea where and why this might come from ?

No yet but it seems not to be related with interrupts.

FYI, the vanilla 2.6.19 kernel boots up my card fine and goes to userspace
but seems to also hang a few time later (but at least it boots up to user 

The PowerPC tree is highly experimental, ... not really a good setup to do the porting.

Anyhow, please consider this patch for review and if possible test it/apply it.

OK, I will have a closer look when time permits.


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