Here is Xenomai v2.3. Five months work, 660 commits since v2.2 which
brought the following:

o RTDM-based CAN implementation.

o A lot of PowerPC work (major I-pipe upgrade to kernel 2.6.18).

o A lot of ARM work (I-pipe tracer, board support for the Samsung
S3C24xx series).

o A lot of Blackfin work (I-pipe tracer, major I-pipe upgrade to
kernel 2.6.18 for the BF53x boards).

o A lot of x86 work (major I-pipe upgrades to kernels 2.6.19 and

o Direct syscall interface to the pSOS skin for running real-time
applications in regular user-space context.

o Nucleus updates in various areas (aperiodic timers management,
runtime accounting, software watchdog, message pipes, shared interrupt
support, debug infrastructure).

o Assorted bug fixes all over the map.

See the ChangeLog for details.


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