Philippe Gerum wrote:
> ...
> Not that I would be particularly fond of that, mm, thing, but this would
> allow to fix the bogus x86+8254 setup relic, which is likely the only
> one which would cause any significant delay among the supported
> archs/platforms.

BTW, could we define some concrete metrics to asses all the ongoing
changes performance-wise? We have the timerbench, we have cyclictest
(for large number of timers and for POSIX tests), we have the enhanced
runtime statistics for threads and IRQs, now we just need to create
meaningful test scenarios and run them / let them run on the different

Interesting is, e.g., how the timer subsystem scales worst case-wise and
what piece of the cake remains for Linux under high timer load.
Moreover, there is still that tsc2ns conversion improvement to work out
- and then to evaluate...


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