Dmitry Adamushko escreveu:

I think moderators may comment on your question. I just take an
opportunity to make a minor comment on the papers' content (a part of
Thank you for that.
I read briefly only the part of your thesis regarding the Xenomai and
RTAI parts (page 4).

Frankly speaking (and based on my humble opinion/knowledge of
Xenomai), the information is badly presented, both historically- and
technically-wise, at the very least.
I would really appreciate if could cite some further parts and comment on them.
Starting from the very first sentence: "Xenomai: Forked from RTAI...".
As far as I know, Xenomai is the evolution of fusion, a parallel project that cooperated with RTAI. Is that wrong?
Have you ever (if not publicly then privately) asked somebody from the
list to read/review your papers? I guess, no. But that would
definitely have been a good idea.
Yes, I feel I should have done that. I have asked for enlightment in some topics, but I should really ask for someone here to read it. My mistake...

Thank you for your input, Dmitry. Hope to have some feedback from other topics if you don't mind. I would put an errata in the index page that will link to the articles.



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