somshekar kadam wrote:
> Hi All, 
>   I am porting Xenomai on MIPS, I am beginner o
> Xenomai, please help me in understanding this point. 
> whats the purpose of bits directory in include
> directory, please throw some light on this, I see it
> for 64 bit adoption , correct me if am wrong, what are
> the depedency of it on xenomai. 
> Please comment. 

Yes, but first on the netiquette:

 o Please don't reply to arbitrary threads when starting a new one, it
   confuses people's mail clients.

 o Please don't put arbitrary people in CC when starting a new thread.

Now on the bits directory: It contains arch-dependent internal helper
functions of the related nucleus core modules. Check them carefully for
potential adoptions that might be required on MIPS.


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