Steven Scholz wrote:
> Gilles,
>>here comes the I-pipe patch for linux 2.6.19 on ARM. In addition to the
>>upgrade to linux 2.6.19, the AT91 port is improved:
> Thanks very much.
>>I have not tested the other ports, so, please test the patch on the ARM
>>you use if you can.
> Did you actually try this patch against a vanilla 2.6.19 + 
> 2.6.19-at91.patch.gz?

No, the patch is intended to be used with a vanilla 2.6.19, this make
the I-pipe patch for ARM much easier to maintain.

> c) Kernel with adoes-ipipe compiles (after fixing the above), but xenomai
> does not compile and bails out with

You must get recent xenomai sources from svn trunk or v2.3.x branch.

                                                 Gilles Chanteperdrix

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