Paul wrote:
> Hi Jan
>  Just a small patch to get the ball rolling with an x86_64 support..
> The attached resolves a compile time warning of: 
> kernel/xenomai/skins/rtdm/core.c: In function ‘_rtdm_ioctl’:
> kernel/xenomai/skins/rtdm/core.c:408: warning: comparison is always false due 
> to limited range of data type

Yeah, when looking at this issue with 64-bit glasses, this urgently
needs fixing (I wonder why ia64 didn't stumble yet?).

Your patch points in the right direction, but it needs a bit fine-tuning
and also has to include the ioctl handlers of drivers. I will work out a
fix and inform you. I'll have to rely on your test lab. :)

But first I need some build environment. A quick shot ended here when
trying to configure a patch and prepared 2.6.19 kernel:

# make ARCH=x86_64 CC="gcc -m64" oldconfig
init/Kconfig:572: can't open file "arch/x86_64/xenomai/Kconfig"

Anyone any idea? Is something missing, or is the prepare script broken?


PS: Once we have in-tree RTDM services and drivers running, are you
interested in a RTnet excursion over x64? I should be able to make this
compile, but for testing...

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