Jan Kiszka wrote:
Jan Kiszka wrote:
Hi all,

fiddling with latest Xenomai trunk and 2.3.x on one of our robots (there
is still a bug in trunk /wrt broken timeouts of rt_dev_read on
xeno_16550A - different issue...), I ran into a weird behaviour of

I have a continuous stream of a few thousand packets/s towards the
robot. When I start up two "rtcanrecv rtcan0 -p1000" instances (or one +
our own receiver application), the second one causes a Linux lock-up.
Sometimes this happens during startup of the second rtcanrecv, but at
latest on its termination. Other RT tasks are still running. I can
resolve the lock-up by pulling the CAN cable, everyone is fine
afterwards and can be cleaned up. I played with quite a few combinations
of recent ipipe patches and Xenomai revisions (even back to #1084 in
v2.3.x), no noticeable difference.

Forgot to mention one further observation: removing the usleep form
rtcanrecv's cleanup() works around the shutdown lock-up. I can't
interpret this yet. [BTW, Wolfgang, what is it good for?]

Hm, I think the usleep() only make sense for rtcansend to allow messages to got out before the close. You can remove it.


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