Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>>2.6.19 didn't magically start to work as well. Instead I have a back
>>trace now, see attachment.
>>I included a full set of 16k points, but the thrilling things are around
>>-73 to -25: Some Linux process with IRQs on gets preempted by an RT-IRQ
>>(RTnet NIC). That triggers an RT kernel thread to run for a while (RTnet
>>stack manager, prio 98). But when returning to Linux again, its IRQs
>>remain masked now. The reason must be that weird exception at -62. Don't
>>know where it comes from and why is there no report about THAT issue in
>>the kernel logs.
> The cause of this page fault will get tracked down later today, but the
> way it is handled already causes some doubts to me. To make discussion
> easier, here is the relevant excerpt from the trace:

Maybe this fault is due to the No-cow patch ? Before the no-cow patch,
vmalloced areas were added to all processes page directories, now they
are added only to the page directories of processes with the VM_PINNED
flag. So, if ipipe_test_root tries to access some module memory area
over the context of a non-realtime thread, a fault will occur.

                                                 Gilles Chanteperdrix

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