fresh from the development labs, guaranteed to be incomplete and lightly
tested, here comes a patch series that addresses two issues bugging me
(and maybe others) for quite some time:

 1. How to print from RT (primary) context without stepping down to
    secondary mode?

 2. How to trace Xenomai syscalls without hacking on strace _and_
    I-pipe (ptrace for RT-syscalls) _and_ without suffering from its
    temporal intrusiveness (traced processes are stopped while examining
    their syscall arguments)?

The following two patches (against trunk) aim at answering both
questions. The first one provides a generic rtprint library, the second
one exploits it by instrumenting ridiculous subsets of libnative and
libpthread_rt. Find details on design and usage will be found in the
following mails.

Take this series as food for discussion about its usefulness, code
organisation and remaining quirks, and also as an offer to early
adopters. While I think that librtprint should be generally acceptable,
I would like to gain some comments on my approach for per-process
syscall tracing (and its impact on the skin libraries) first. Then, if
this tracing is considered viable, helping hands for the boooooring
instrumentation work would be *very* welcome!


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