As long as there is obviously a conflict, catch it during kernel
configuration and urge the user to disable CONFIG_HPET_TIMER.


Index: scripts/Kconfig.frag
--- scripts/Kconfig.frag        (Revision 2216)
+++ scripts/Kconfig.frag        (Arbeitskopie)
@@ -11,8 +11,13 @@ comment "NOTE: Xenomai conflicts with PC
 comment "(menu Device Drivers/Input device support/Miscellaneous devices)"
        depends on !X86_TSC && X86 && INPUT_PCSPKR
+comment "NOTE: Xenomai currently conflicts with HPET support."
+       depends on HPET_TIMER
+comment "(menu Processor type and features)"
+       depends on HPET_TIMER
 config XENOMAI
-       depends on X86_TSC || !X86 || !INPUT_PCSPKR
+       depends on (X86_TSC || !X86 || !INPUT_PCSPKR) && !HPET_TIMER
        bool "Xenomai"
        default y
         select IPIPE

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