Nicolas BLANCHARD wrote:
> Hello,
> I've write a little rtdm driver to r/w RealTimeClock on rtc146818
> chipset.

/me not having done much with rtc (hmm, a lot of years back on PCs, I
think): can this chip be found in normal PC hardware? Or is it only on
specific embedded boards? (Means: can I actually play with your driver? :) )

> I also use this driver to write kernel message from user-space
> (printk).
> In attachment you can find an archive with the driver and an example of
> use (just code).
> to compil, you must change kernel sources directory (KERNELSOURCEDIR
> flag).
> It Based on code of Jan Kiszka found in
> I hope it could be interesting.
> All feedback are welcome.

You will get it. Thanks for sharing your code!


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