Steven Scholz wrote:
> Gilles,
>>>Sure but I would still not expect the system to hang!
>>>As I said missing a deadline is bad but ok.
>>>But hanging the whole system is not quite ok.
>>I want this bug solved too, especially since I am not sure that we will
>>only see it with too short periods.
> Makes us two! ;-)
>>I would add the call to printascii(printk_buff) directly in vprintk, and
>>use printk. Note however that special care must be taken to avoid
>>recursion when calling printk inside schedule, because printk may use
>>schedule. Anyway, I think the tracer will give better results than a
>>simple backtrace.
> Ok. Thanks.
> So what exactly shell I do? I have never worked with "the tracer".

There is an entry in Xenomai wiki about the I-pipe tracer, see:

                                                 Gilles Chanteperdrix

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