Paul wrote:
> Hi Philippe
> On Saturday 24 February 2007 17:17, Philippe Gerum wrote:
>>>> Ok, the latter looks clearly pathological. The trace should tell us
>>>> more.
>> Rather the CONFIG_IPIPE_TRACE feature, with the IRQs off tracking option
>> set
> Had to recompile without SMP (see attached config), so used the -03 ipipe 
> patch with xenomai r2248. Started the latency test, and then fired up X (no 
> WM) - At which point the latency went in to a zombie state with a massive 
> hike in value. ipipe/trace/max, latency log, and dmesg outputs all attached.

Please grab trace/frozen instead, enable verbose mode, and increase
back_trace_points so that the reported latency is fully covered. See

for further instructions.


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