Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Hi,
> a few changes of the RTDM layer were committed to trunk recently. They
> make handling of RTDM file descriptors more handy:
>  o rt_dev_close/POSIX-close now polls as long as the underlying device
>    reports -EAGAIN. No more looping inside the application is required.
>    This applies to the usual non-RT invocation of close, the corner
>    case "close from RT context" can still return EAGAIN.
>  o Automatic cleanup of open file descriptors has been implemented. This
>    is not yet the perfect design (*), but a straightforward approach to
>    ease the cleanup after application crashes or other unexpected
>    terminations.

 o Report file descriptor owner via /proc:

   # cat /proc/xenomai/rtdm/open_fildes
   Index   Locked  Device          Owner [PID]
   0       0       rttest0         latency [973]
   1       0       rtser0          cross-link [981]
   2       0       rtser1          cross-link [981]


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