Jan Kiszka wrote:

The long-term question for me is if there is a need to synchronise the
system clock (or some skin timebase in future Xenomai versions) on an
external sources like the RTC here. Not that I'm desperately locking for
work, it's just good to know user requirements whenever further design
decisions [on the time subsystem] have to be made.

Our real-time simulation requires synchronization with an external time base.  
The external timing source generates a one-pulse-per-second signal that is 
connected to an interrupt line on the real-time PC.  We use this  one-PPS 
interrupt to calibrate the task execution period and remove any accumulated 
clock skew to keep our simulation outputs in-sync with other parts of the 

I am satisfied with the current implementation, but thought I would respond, 
since you were asking for input.  I hadn't thought about the possibility of 
some sort of built-in timebase synchronization functionality, but I imagine 
this sort of thing is fairly common, and it may prove useful to include it in 


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