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Attached with 3000 points (to play safe).
Great, thanks.

FYI: Switching prio-coupling off doesn't let it trigger anymore. Which
/may/ mean that it's related to this feature, but which may also mean
that this corner-case race is just far more unlikely in non-RPI setups
(and the effects Stephan see are all related to the same bug - hopefully).


To trigger you again, I just updated my Pentium M Notebook to 2.3.x svn revision 2264, recompiled everything and gave it a try. (kernel 2.6.20)
Some runs of my already well-known software and the machine freezes
during shutdown. No oops, no backtrace, no error message. It doesn't
matter if priority coupling is enabled or not, when it tells me 'Stopping K Display Manager: kdm' the cursor freezes, that's it. My colleague report's the same beahviour on his AMD SMP mashine. The Celeron M crashes during reboot showing ugly backtraces like before.


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