Jeff Koftinoff kirjoitti:
Hi Everyone. I would really like to get Xenomai working on the new Freescale 8641D dual core G4.

I see that for linux 2.6.19, Xenomai does not support CONFIG_PPC_MERGE or architectures=powerpc instead of 'ppc'.

Weren't there some experimental powerpc ports already posted some time ago (by Wolfgang, I think)? See the list archive.

Please forgive my ignorance; What exactly is the difference between arch=ppc and arch=powerpc?

What is involved in changing adeos to work under arch=powerpc on the 8641D in single core mode?

How much more work is involved in changing adeos to support SMP on powerpc?

The 64-bit powerpc target is under powerpc and supports SMP. The work required somewhat depends on the specific architecture implementation of SMP, but shouldn't be too difficult.

-- Heikki Lindholm

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