Jeff Koftinoff kirjoitti:
Thank you for your responses, Wolfgang.

I still have some confusion; I was able to build and run a xenomai 2.2.0 patched linux 2.6.14 kernel on a Apple EMac, which has a 7447A processor in it - with no changes, and was able to get good latency results in my tests.

I think the older kernels still supported Apple hardware under the "ppc" arch, but in the more recent kernels it's moved to the "powerpc" arch.

I am currently playing with a 8641D dual core power pc, it is basically two 7448 processors in one package which is almost identical to the 7447A, along with peripherals (ethernet/serial/pcie). Yet I can't seem to get xenomai compiled for it, even in non-smp mode.
The 8641D needs a newer kernel than 2.6.14 ( 2.6.19 is okay ).
What should I do?

If you have followed Linux kernel development and understand the new genirq stuff (and eventually irq threads), or are willing to dig into it, then why not start a brave porting effort and try to, for example, first make your eMac work on newer kernels with adeos/xenomai stuff applied.

-- Heikki Lindholm

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