Attached is a rule set for generating a series of Debian packages. Four 
packages are generated, these are:

linux-patch-xenomai - A collection of adeos-ipipe patches with the Xenomai 
kernel parts tacked on. The script used to combine the parts is a hacked down 
version of

xenomai-dev - Headers, static libs, and xeno-config. I would have liked to 
move the headers in to a /usr/include/xenomai directory, but there appears to 
be a minor issue with the --includedir option.

xenomai-docs - All the API documentation in man, html, and pdf format as found 
in the repository (don't see much point in regenerating and adding to build 

xenomai - The core libraries, run scripts, and assorted tests/utilities. The 
configure options could probably do with some adjustments, but I've kept arch 
dependant options segregated so conflicts can be kept to a minimum.

A couple of general comments: Having a clear seperation of kernel & user space 
sources has greatly simplified the task of packaging.. The dynamic libs all 
have a 0.0.0 version - Would it not make sense to sync with the Xenomai 
version ?

Regards, Paul.

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