>> using an oscilloscope I found that the AT91RM9200 spends up to 300┬Ás in the
>> interrupt handler for ethernet controller.
>> Now I wonder if this interrupt handler will be preempted by Xenomai if there
>> is a high priority, periodic real time task?
> Hw interrupts are forcibly enabled before entering any Linux IRQ
> handler, exactely to prevent the issue you described (e.g. fiddling with
> an IDE controller in PIO mode also gives funky latency results unless
> the latter is true), so the answer is yes.

>>  Thus will the duration of the
>> ethernet interrupt handler add the the worst case latency?
> Not from Linux IRQ handlers; you may want to check this using the
> tracer. If hw interrupts are masked there, then it's a blatant bug.

How could I check this using the tracer? Small hint please?


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