Hi All, 

   I have implelented Xenomai for MIPS , as due to
some legal issues with project completion, I can
submit for Open source. I hope this is understood. 

Initial code is put for mips architecture related. 
There are two issues right now I am facing, throw some
light on this. 

Issue 1 

1) Implementing Xnpod_start_thread, for Mips involves
xnarch_init_thread, I checked other architectures,
what I get it only a stack initilaisation for the new
tthread, correct me if I am wrong, I am not able to
fix other thread_info parametters for this function
only. I have booted the Xenomai without thead creation
able to see Xenomai registered as domain and starting
API services. I am testing the invoking of Syscalls
happening proper, yet to be done to prove services are
working fine. Does anybody have any pointer on this


To check the APIS services are implemented , I trying
to create the /usr/xenomai libe for application by
compiling Xenomai by configuring 
./configure --target=mips --host=i386 --enable-shared
configured properly after this command
then I say make command

it is giving me  "impossible constraint asm"
to create alarm lib for xenomai. 

I made chaanges to support MIPS in configure.in, also
in the config.status to create
include/asm-mips/Makefile, and
These file are created and compile it still impossibel
constarint asm error persists.

I even disabled the optimization -O2 option , no
change, I am lost please give any pointers on this. 
is not the proper arch getting the one is it GCC
related bug, I need to check 

Yes I know its long mail. 

Thanks And Regards

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