Here is the first maintenance release for the v2.3.x branch.  Short
log follows:

        * Use ondemand-mapping disable feature if present (I-pipe).
        * Allow creation of anonymous interrupt objects from kernel
        * Allow sleeping scheduler lock.
        * Fully rework priority tracking between schedulers (RPI).
        * Provide for non-restartable syscalls upon signal receipt.
        * Fix timer indexing in binary heap mode (timeout lossage).
        * Fix synchronization issues regarding interrupt objects while
          reading /proc/xenomai/stat.
        * Synchronize message pipe reading and streaming operations.

        * Add timer-related calls to the user-space interface.
        * Fix ev_receive().
        * Combine supervisor and user stack sizes in t_create().

        * Fix rt_queue_delete(), rt_queue_unbind(), rt_heap_delete().
        * Fix rt_cond_wait() upon signal receipt (grab mutex anew).

        * Fix pthread_cond_wait() upon signal receipt (grab mutex

        * Fix rt_task_make_periodic().

        * Support in-place re-initialisation of IPC objects.

        * Fix delays in periodic mode.
        * Implement either-or filtering of standard vs. extended frames.
        * Stop device before unregistering it.

        * Add support for Atmel AT91-based platforms.
        * Update support for IMX21 platforms.
        * Upgrade 2.6.14 and 2.6.15 support to I-pipe 1.5 series.
        * Upgrade to kernel 2.6.19 (I-pipe 1.6 series).
        * Add support for GCC 4.1.

        * Upgrade to kernel 2.6.19.

        * Use regular IPI support code to broadcast the timer IRQ.
        * Upgrade to kernel 2.6.20.

See the ChangeLog for details.


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