Hartkopp, Oliver (K-GEFE/E) wrote:
Even if i know, that my reply with our f*cking exchange mailserver will break the thread ...

Jan Kiszka wrote:
I think Oliver's suggestions points in the right direction. But instead
of only coding a timer into the stack, I still vote for closing the loop
over the application:

After the first error in a potential series, the related error frame is
queued, listeners are woken up, and BEI is disabled for now. Once some
listener read the error frame *and* decided to call into the stack for
further bus errors, BEI is enabled again.

IMO this is really a good idea! Even if it look just a bit different on (non-RT) socketcan, the procedure could look like this:

1. BEI occurs => disable BEI & lauch receiption of one error frame for the user
2. Wait for user interaction

I would suggest to create an IOCTL, where you can define, if you only want to receive one BE-frame (== default!) or every BE-frame (may flood your system). After an occurance of a BEI the BE-frames are disabled (in the default case) until the user decides to reenable it via the suggested IOCTL.

Does this look acceptable to you?

No extra IOCTL please. I would place re-enabling of BEI in sendmsg.

Btw. Currently the enabling of error frames (in socketcan) currently does not depend on subscribed listeners (what is definitely a good idea!).



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