Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
> ...
> Attached is the patch and it works fine. The key function
> rtcan_sja_enable_bus_err() is called from sendmsg():
> void rtcan_sja_enable_bus_err(struct rtcan_device *dev)
> {
>     struct rtcan_sja1000 *chip = (struct rtcan_sja1000 *)dev->priv;
>     if (chip->bus_err_on < 2) {
>     if (chip->bus_err_on < 1)
>         chip->read_reg(dev, SJA_ECC);
>     chip->bus_err_on = 2;
>     }
> }
> And I do also do not see a real problem with multiple readers. I would
> commit this solution. I'm just unsure if we should select it silently or
> if the user should have the choice.

I would say no to user-selectability unless someone comes up with a
serious downside of this approach.

Are there any other error interrupt sources we should treat the same
way? Or all? Just to make the behaviour as regular as reasonable. I have
no opinion yet, I only want to make sure we have considered this as well
before we set the change API in stone.

Nice work!


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