Andrew Xeno wrote:
> Hello All,
> This is my first mail on Xenomai, earIier I posted my messages on ADEOS
> forum regarding IPIPE-1.0.5 porting on MIPS. Recently I started porting
> Xenomai for the same architecture  and could do some work related to
> 1. Xenomai Intialization of ROOT task
> 2. Timer and Interrupt related code.
> 4. Trap Handlers
> The Code changes are done considering MIPS 4KeC

[Not directly answering your question - but this would help to.]

This is now the third announcement of someone working on a MIPS port
[1,2]. Great news, definitely! But could we please

 - roll out code (even if it's incomplete, utterly broken, targeting
   different boards)
 - create some branches or whatever repositories
 - *work in public*

Then it should be far easier to discuss things, synchronise efforts,
avoid duplicate work (and pain...). Remember: the development model
makes open source so nice!

My 2 cents. :)



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