Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
> OK, I have just commited the following changes:
> 2007-04-02  Wolfgang Grandegger  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>   * ksrc/drivers/can/*: The option CONFIG_XENO_DRIVERS_CAN_BUS_ERR now
>     enables bus error interrupts when an application is calling a receive
>     function on a socket listening on bus errors. After one bus error has
>     occured, the interrupt will be disabled to allow the application time
>     for error processing and to efficiently avoid bus error interrupt
>     flooding. This option is automatically selected for CAN controllers
>     supporting bus error interrupts like the SJA1000.

Just one final nitpicking question: Who's to read the help text of
CONFIG_XENO_DRIVERS_CAN_BUS_ERR - except people reading Kconfig
directly? (My point is that this explanation may rather become a code


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